Appearances Part 1

Anonymous writes:

After 19 years of employment I have been laid off from a company I’d planned on retiring with. I’m in mid-management, and haven’t even considered looking for a job or been on an interview in years. My resume is in progress. I’ve attended classes on reentering the job market and now my wife and daughter are convinced that not only do I need to update my wardrobe, but I need a makeover and should dye my hair.  REALLY??  I’ve seen some of those guys who look like they put their heads in a shoe polish bottle. If you at GMC can show me the “value” of dying my hair and that it might actually help me in my job search, I might consider going along with it.  But frankly if someone doesn’t like my gray hair, it’s their problem.

GMC Responds,

Coloring your hair is actually not bad advice. People are more likely to regard you as successful if you present yourself as a person who is doing well. You might be surprised at how many men of all ages are coloring their hair. Many men under 30 are having their hair highlighted with shades of gray to project the image of a well-established, distinguished business professional or executive.  The cliché “dressing the part” somewhat sums it up and these tactics are more prevalent than one might think–especially as three generations compete many times for the same opportunities.

If you are going to seriously pursue coloring your hair, and want to avoid the “shoe polish” effect you described, we suggest the services of a professional.  A good hair stylist can give you highlights, can keep an appropriate amount of gray and wash the rest away. Look forward to touch ups every 4 or 5 weeks.


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